Budget Friendly Samui Beach Weddings

samui-beach-weddingsWell, this is relative. It actually depends on how simple or grand you like your wedding to be. But then again, Thai weddings are known to be among the cheapest in the planet. So, if the budget is steep but a couple would really like to tie the knot to make their union even more special, then they can do so in Thailand.

There are plenty of traditional Thai wedding packages to choose from.

In Thailand, most wedding venues prepare a set of wedding packages that take the stress off in planning for a wedding. There are different kinds of packages. There’s an exclusive traditional Thai wedding package and a fusion package that includes both a Western wedding ceremony and a traditional Thai wedding event. Resorts often set up a team of reliable wedding coordinators that will look after each detail that needs to be taken care of to make the ceremony even more special. From the food, to the music, to the decor, up to the legalities, the wedding coordinators can take a heavy load from the couple’s back and allow them to relax before, during, and after the wedding.

Couples can head to the honeymoon right after the wedding.

Most Thai wedding venues are very tranquil, private and romantic so they are also considered to be perfect honeymoon destinations. Thai wedding resorts are known for their beauty—-clear blue waters, fine pristine sands, and impressive accommodations. They are perfect for couples who dream of getting married in Thailand and an equally perfect honeymoon by the beach. Thai wedding resorts are very dreamy and romantic, a true mark of tropical wedding resorts.

Thailand is truly an ideal wedding destination. To make planning for your dream wedding a lot easier, there are important things that you have to remember. One is to research for the perfect venue. There are so many impressive resorts in Thailand. Most of them have user-friendly websites that allows couples to explore the facilities, accommodations, wedding facilities, and over-all feel of the place. Another tip is to book early. Remember, Thailand is famous when it comes to weddings and the number of couples that choose to get married here grows annually. To avoid problems later on, like conflicts of schedules and such, it is advised to make early reservations once the venue has been decided.

Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa is an idyllic place for a wedding. This is among the most popular beach resorts in Koh Samui Thailand and is a grand and romantic place to have Samui beach weddings. Here, the beach is simply heavenly, with light topaz blue waters, foamy sand, and a sunny weather practically all year round. Getting married here is no fuzz as their team of wedding specialist will help you every step of the way. Right from the surroundings to the tropical inspired rooms, Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa will delight the senses with fantastic views. There’s a spa on site, which specializes in rejuvenating body treatments. There are sessions created exclusively for couples so they’d feel relaxed on their wedding.

Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa offers a Thai wedding ceremony most suited to your tastes. With a romantic ambience and a secluded beach spot, your wedding will be an event everyone will surely rave about. Make your dream wedding happen here in Koh Samui.

Wedding Traditions

There is a bundle of wedding traditions and superstitions out there which a lot of people like to follow, but do you know their true meanings or how they came to be?
Here is an outline of the more popular ones explaining there meanings and origins.


Wedding Veil:
It is suggested that the reason behind wearing a veil originates from the times where marriages were arranged by family members, who often exchanged a dowry for a bride, and the new couple to be were rarely allowed to see each other before the wedding. The family would cover the brides face with the veil until the groom was committed during the wedding ceremony, this way it was too late for him to back out of the wedding if he did not like the appearance of his bride.

The wedding veil is also said to be a symbol of virginity, modesty and privacy and was said to warn off any evil spirits.

Bridal Flowers:
Bridal flowers date all the way back to ancient times, when they were used to keep away evil spirits, poor health and bad luck and would be made up of strong scented herbs such as thyme and garlic.

The Bridal Party:
Traditionally the bridesmaids and groomsmen are meant as protection for the bride and groom. It was believed that demons were out to get the newlyweds and so the wedding party would all dress similar to the wedded couple so that the evil spirits couldn’t tell who was getting married.

Wedding Cake:
In early Roman times the wedding cake was baked from wheat which symbolized fertility. The loaf was broken over the bride’s head as a symbol of her fertility and the guests would eagerly pick up the crumbs and take them home for good luck.
It later became tradition for the newlyweds to kiss over a small cluster of cakes, of which later still a baker decided to cover these with icing and the modern style wedding cake was born.

White Wedding Dress:
Wearing a white wedding dress is a more recent wedding custom made fashionable by Queen Victoria in the 1840’s. Prior to this, the bride would just wear her best dress regardless of colour.
Since early Roman times white has been a symbol of joyous celebration and the modern white wedding dress symbolizes this happiness and joy.

Throwing Rice:
Rice thrown at the bridal couple symbolizes fertility and prosperity. Traditionally newlyweds were thought to bring good luck and were showered with nuts and grains to bring bountiful harvests and many children to work the land, until years of poor harvest meant rice was used instead. The tradition continues today with many substitutes for rice, such as bubbles or confetti and represents being showered with happiness and the good things in life.

The Honeymoon:
In ancient times the groom would kidnap his bride and hide her away from her family. While in hiding, they would often drink mead which is made from fermented honey and water and stay hidden for one full moon (about 30 days) so by the time the bride’s family found them, the bride would be pregnant – hence the word honeymoon.

Wedding Rings:
Dating back to the days of early Egyptians, the circular shape of the wedding ring symbolizes an unending love since the ring has no beginning and no end. The wearing of the ring on the third finger of the left hand is derived from many early cultures which believe that the vein running through this finger leads directly to the heart, so the wearing of rings on that finger joined the couple’s hearts and destinies.

Survival Tips for the Groom

You have popped the question and she has said “yes”, now the wheels are set in motion and the wedding planning process begins. Suddenly your bride to be changes from your sweet, love struck sweetheart to a crazy, stressed out organizing machine! You might need a little help getting through the planning process.

Survival Tips for the Groom

1. Show interest: Being the groom does not mean your job is just to show up on the day! You are about to start a life full of decisions that need to be made together, show her she made the right choice with you, by helping to decide on things for the wedding day. It may not matter to you about spots or stripes, but it does to your bride, and you care about her, so offer some input. Even if you can just boost her confidence about the decision she has made, then that is a job well done.

2. Offer to help: Take on some of the jobs yourself. Who knows you might really enjoy things like choosing the music or organising the transport, but always confirm everything with the bride before locking things in.

3. Don’t squabble over money: You will have a whole lifetime of money pressures so try to avoid it now. It is best to sit down together and organise a budget from the word go. Work out what is important to you both and what can be saved on. Make sure you are both on the same page about the kind of affair you are wanting, and if they really vary, you will both have to come to some sort of compromise (a word that you will have to deal with a lot once married).

4. Don’t drag your heels: If you have been assigned a job, then get it done. You will save yourself a major amount of ear bashing by doing so.

5. Be honest: If you really don’t like something then speak up! Maybe there is something that you really want to have included, so let her know. After all it is your wedding day too and if you don’t say anything then she will probably just assume you don’t care.

6. Remember you are a couple: Organise a weekend away, send flowers to her office, have a romantic dinner, share a bubble bath and a bottle of wine or anything that allows you to just connect as a couple… whatever you choose to do, it must have nothing to do with wedding planning!

7. Bucks night blunders: Don’t have your bucks party the night before the wedding and turn up at the alter stinking of booze. Best to organise these types of events a few weeks prior.

8. Have fun: Lastly, but most importantly, remember it is supposed to be fun! Try to enjoy the planning process and if your bride to be doesn’t seem to, maybe you could remind her.